About Us

We all here at Murgiwala share a passion for the food. That's why we always take the extra steps needed to deliver juicy, tender Same-Day Fresh chicken. Like, the way skilled farmers raise our chickens naturally on open farms and not in regular cages. These open farms have big windows for the sunlight. Just the way they grow in the wild. They eat food they love and get the care they need. No steroids, no hormones, or any other bad stuff. We have made sure we have hygienic factories with stringent quality checks to cut the chicken in a controlled environment. Pack the freshly cut chicken, contactless, and then deliver it the same day.
Eventually, our passion for the food and everything we do serves itself as a delicious meal that you share with family and friends. And when you taste it, you will know it's The Murgiwala.
Lastly, we never skip a step or two. After all, that's how we make our profits- by winning your loyalty.

The Same-Day Fresh promise

Keeping freshness intact has a simple solution. Same day freshly cut chicken. But, believe us, it is not easy to make sure that every pack you deliver is Same-Day Fresh.
It takes immense commitment to raise chickens on open farms, all naturally. And a whole lot of management, quality checks in making sure that every step in the cutting process is hygienic and contactless. State-of-art machinery and skilled workforce to vacuum pack the freshly cut chicken and deliver it the same day.
All this because we know that's the only way to get this freshest and truly delicious chicken. And you deserve it.